product development through human-centered design


I love experiencing different perspectives, figuratively through community immersion, and literally by spinning on my head. Dance, music, and media have fostered my passion for the development and cross-pollination of culture. The creation, transfer, and embodiment of content fascinates me. It has shaped my interests at Northwestern University, from integrated marketing, media communication, and cognitive science, to radio, booking, music technology, and network television

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My name is Marc Chicoine and I'm a designer and performing artist. I develop products based on research and human-centered design principles. Through contextual understanding and the user perspective, I aim to improve platforms for content creators and their audience.

I studied Cognitive Science and Communication Studies at Northwestern University. Additionally, I received an Integrated Marketing Communications Certificate from the Medill School of Journalism. I studied User Experience Design at General Assembly, and also received a Human-Centered Design Prototyping Certificate through IDEO and Acumen.

I’m active in the dance and music communities within Chicago, San Francisco, and now NYC!

my design process

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fun facts

I'm originally from the Bay Area of California.

I love social dance. I practice house and popping.

I enjoy teaching and mentoring students.

I enjoy visual design and writing, having published in University outlets, Medium, and Dribble.

claims to fame

I once won free tickets to Beyoncé's On The Run Tour during a Les Twins Dance Workshop. I met Barack Obama on a hiking trail. I rescued my pet turtle from a 99 Cent and More store. I have spent time abroad in Berlin and Munich, sehr schön! | 929-271-5649 | Resume